Why should I join?

It is a great opportunity for you if you are working in marketing, design, or a business collaborating with developers, or if you are thinking about a career change in order to become independent and make more money. Tech is especially perfect for (single) mums!

How is teaching women different to teaching men or mixed classes?

Teaching a women-only class is in many aspects different to teaching mixed classes, especially when teaching programming. On the one hand you could have gender bias from a male instructor and on the other hand having even just one male student in class changes the whole group dynamic in the classroom. Some women suddenly don’t dare to ask questions. With Women And Code we want to offer an open, inclusive, and non-threatening environment for women to learn.

How do you define ‘women’?

The term ‘woman’ includes people of all colors, shapes, and ages, including but not limited to cis fem, inter, bi, trans, girlies and grannies, tomboys and the like.
Our courses are suitable for attendees from the age of 18 years on.

Do I have to book one semester, consecutive events or every single event?

We will offer module 1 and all of the following modules at all events in separate groups.
If you missed one event (or more) you will be able to continue your modules without missing one!

You need to book your seat for every single event!

The event is full, where is the waiting list?

If the event is fully booked and you missed your spot, please join our meetup-group and we will inform you when a spot opens up.
You can try catching a seat by checking on meetup.com again on the DAY of the event because some people may cancel.

Also feel free to register for the next available event – you will always be able to start with module 1 or continue with your following modules.

How much does it cost?

Participation at our study groups every other week is for free but you need to reserve your seat with a 9 EUR deposit which will be transferred back on show-up – or if you like, you can also donate this reservation fee or another amount.

I can’t come, do I get a refund?

To reserve your seat you need to pay a reservation fee. You’ll get the money back through Meetup.com if you cancel 14 days in advance. After that there is no refund possible. Thanks for your understanding! ♥
We kindly ask you to cancel your seat if you cannot come since many really want to come to our events and we have limited seats. Thank you!

You can also check the refund policy of meetup.com

I don’t have Paypal! Do you offer other payment methods?

Unfortunately meetup.com only supports Paypal as payment provider. If you want to register we suggest you ask a friend to ‘borrow’ their account. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

Do you offer childcare?

Please contact us prior to the event so we can arrange childcare for you!

I don’t like pizza / I eat vegan

In case you don’t like pizza 🍕 or have a special diet such as vegan, gluten-free, low carb, slow carb, paleo, fruitarian, low sodium, etc etc …
you’re welcome to bring some food pot-luck style to our events!

I’d like to post a job offer, where is your Job Board?

At the moment we don’t have a job platform – we recommend our hand-picked Junior Developers to a curated list of companies. So if you’d like to present your company to our group we’d like to invite you to support or sponsor one of our events!

Code Of Conduct

Summary: Our events are a harassment free zone. Please be respectful and nice!

Find: Enforcers && contact

I like your project, how can I help?

First of all: Thank you!
And second: You can help us by sharing our events! Alumni students will also get the chance to mentor new students.